From Peschici it is possible to explore a huge quantity of characteristic places full of charming beauty.
Tour of caves: to visit the wonderful and charming sea caves and small beaches which can be reached only from the sea. Across a path which goes from Peschici as long as Mattinata bay, through Vieste and Pugnochiuso.
Tremiti Islands: it takes only an hour ship trip to reach the Tremiti Islands, characterized by crystal clear waters and by uncontaminated reality.
Historical Centre of Peschici: It is characterized by steps and houses carved in the rock, which go down to the sea, with a very irregular path. Peschici is rich in small shops selling local handmade products, Inns and Taverns.
The trabucchi: They are a typical presence characterizing Peschici coast. The Trabucchi have a very complex structure made of wooden poles and pulleys, they are very useful instruments for fishing. Today several of them are very characteristic restaurants where you can taste different types of fish just fished.
Manaccora Grotto: it is on Peschici-Vieste road and it is one of the most important archeological sites.
Foresta Umbra: National Protected Area: it is in the Gargano National Park, charming forest rich in wonderful vegetation, favourite destination by the tourists to look for Gargano Orchids. San Giovanni Rotondo Sanctuary: it is 57 km. far from Peschici.. Santa Maria delle Grazie Sanctuary, The Resurrection Sanctuary, The Convent of The Capuchins where you can visit the sacred places of Padre Pio, and the Tomb of Padre Pio.
Monte Sant’Angelo: It is 51 km. far from Pechici. The Sanctuary of the Archangel Michael, “ the Rione “ Junno the most ancient and characteristic quarter in the old Town, The Castle, The Tomb of Rotary, Santa Maria of Pulsano Abbey, Eremi of Pulsano.